ACUS Phantasma Tonabnehmer & Preamp

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1. great, natural, clear and at the same time warm sound 2. Lightest and least invasive... more

1. great, natural, clear and at the same time warm sound

2. Lightest and least invasive pickup system.

Without controls and battery in the guitar. In this way the natural sound is preserved without damping the instrument and vibrations from e.g. the electronics are completely prevented.

The Phantasma system consists of a microphone capsule and a pedestal piezo pickup.

The piezo has a thickness of 0.8 mm. The total weight is only 30 grams.

The electronics are located in an external compact preamplifier box, which can be connected via a stereo cable.

(included) is connected to the guitar.

The Class A preamplifier takes all design features of the instrument into account and delivers

the most natural sound of the guitar. The sound can be adjusted with LPF and HPF filters, separate gain controls for microphone and piezo, and a master volume.

No more feedback!

Acus engineers have investigated the "X zone" of resonant frequencies to avoid amplification of these frequencies. The operating principle is based on the combination of the harmonic oscillations recorded by the microphone and those recorded by the piezo, and the use of filters that simultaneously attenuate the resonant frequencies that generate feedback.

Full dynamics!

This system has excellent dynamics and improves any guitar style,

including body tapping, full body percussion and flamenco.

One preamp for all guitars!

The Phantasma Preamp is suitable for nylon guitars as well as for steel string guitars.

The piezo-microphone combination with the external preamplifier provides countless

Adjustment possibilities for every type of acoustic guitar.