Dommenget PAF 93 Bridge Pickup

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PAF Testpair These options are available: antic (raw from the press, slightly matt finish),... more

PAF Testpair

These options are available: antic (raw from the press, slightly matt finish), nickel, chrome, gold and black chrome. Please indicate colour when ordering.

All caps are made of nickel silver (as in the 50s).


He can't be killed! We are talking about the first and at the same time supposedly most brilliant Humbucker creation from Gibson. The "PAF"-pickup, which unfortunately has a phonetically stupid name, can no longer be paid for as an original today. It is supposed to sound so incomparably delicate and creamy that it almost borders on a miracle. Since then, numerous manufacturers have been cooking with alchemical meticulousness according to the Humbucker World formula and conjuring more or less good copies out of the hat. And apparently none of them seem to get it right. Or maybe they do? ... The field of participants consists of a total of 19 PAF clones from different manufacturers. Among them are not only established names such as Gibson, Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio, but also some exotic boutique products from smaller manufacturers such as Jim Wagner, Andreas Kloppmann or Boris Dommenget.

Boris Dommenget is a North German guitar maker who counts musicians like the Scorpions, Steven Stills or Neil Schon among his customers. His instruments are not only functional, they are also a way of looking at things when it comes to equipment. World-class artistic craftsmanship. He was also occupied with the contradiction of the PAF tone, because all industrial products could not fully satisfy him. So he tried it himself and wound his first PAF a few years ago, but with only average results, as he himself admits. The way is the goal. So he had a special wire manufactured, processed his magnets, experimented with different wax baths and much more. But it wasn't until his life partner Fiona MacMahon operated the winding machine that the pickups became what they were supposed to be. Of course, winding is done by hand, and it also seems important who puts the wire on the spools. This feminine sensibility now gave me a PAF model that literally blew me away. The Dommengets actually sound so authentic that you think you can end a long search: deep, solid bottoms, rough choirs in the middle spectrum and sugar-sweet overtones. It suddenly doesn't matter if you play clean, distorted or with a lot of gain. They never lose a distinctive character, which seems to come from the same colour palette as the best originals. Clean make a wonderful "j", growl with just the right temperament and always put a small violin orchestra on top. Although Dommenget usually wraps his pickups in wax, his PAFs sound open and airy like unwaxed ones, which he can supply on request. They are the only example in the test field that brings this unique nasal Jessica sound, which leaves the listener unclear whether the sound is still clean or already distorted. That's how it has to be! But these qualities are only shown in a selected guitar. In a heavy 76-er Les Paul Custom these pickups let only guess their potency.


... and the Winner is ... Dommenget PAF 93 and a PAF 84