MJ Mastercaster Gold

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The basic idea was a better follow up of the Jabocaster. It should be able to produce all the... more

The basic idea was a better follow up of the Jabocaster. It should be able to produce all the different sounds of the Scorpions, from wallcrashing heavy to ultraclean. All sounds should be available from the guitar controls. Also it should feature 24 frets.

The development took a couple of prototypes, the final model represents the optimum. This varity of sounds is possible by the use of the brandnew Dommenget patented pickups, carefully made to Matthias specifications.

For the reasons of sound we use the good old 4-hole steelplate to hold the neck. The connection is "wood-on-wood" non-laquered to enhance the sound even more (an old Jimi Hendrix trick with remarkable results).

The original Floyd Rose tremolo is mounted flat to the top (downwards only) for more sustain and stay-in-tune-ability.

Laquer ultra thin and hand polished, Nitro laquer, 15 coatings.

Color: All Gold
Body: Old german alder
Neck: European maple, carbon reinforced
Measure: 65 cm
Neckprofile: Medium D Standard or custom order
Fretboard: Pau Ferro
Fretboard radius: Compound 12-16"
Pickup: Pickup Bridge : „Masterbucker B“ (HBSC Kombination Humbucker / Single Coil, patentiert) HB 21,80 SC 8,30 Pickup mitte : Funkstrat, reverse polarity SC 5,40 Pickup Neck : „Masterbucker Custom Neck“ (HBSC Kombination Humbucker / Single Coil) HB 7,93 SC 5,73
Switch: 5-way plus mini switch
PU Value Neck: HB 7,93 kohm SC 5,73 kohm
PU Value Middle: 5,4 kohm
PU Value Brigde: 21,80 kohm
Tuner: Kluson Die-Cast
Weight: 3,8 kg
Accessoires: 3m Klotz Rockmastercable, 3 x MJ Picks, Certificate
Playability: Grandios !
Type: Solidbody
Tremolo: Schaller Floyd Rose
Frets: 24, Jumbo Dunlop 6150 ( Gibson )
Case: Custom Case