Righton Funky Ampstrap Black

Righton Funky Ampstrap Black

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Sometimes working at Righton! Straps can be pretty fun. For instancw when we had the idea of... more

Sometimes working at Righton! Straps can be pretty fun. For instancw when we had the idea of make the AMPBAG and the MINI AMPBAG. This was not enough, our thing are the straps, and that's how we come up the Ampstrap. 

With metal controllers which you can move. Attention! you can't control your amp fro the strap, but, perhaps this will be good for you to remember how you put the controls last time.

We think that is sure to make it a classic for generations to come, therefore we have made this strap in three classic and timeless colors. This is the Ampstrap Brown.

The surface of the Ampstrap is made of high quality bovine leather (also the end tabs!), so please, note that colors may slightly vary due to the artisan painting job. The lining is made of microfiber, that allows moisture to dissipate, keeping you and your clothes well. The extra comfort comes in the the padding, 5mm thick high density latex, covered by two layers of lycra, very soft and durable.

This strap has an adjustable lenght from 95cm to 150cm with the exclusive RAS adjustment system which lets you adjust the strap in a stylish and practical way. The Ampstrap Brown is 6cm wide, you can be sure that it is very confortable.

One plus, look our new pickholder integrated in the back tab of the strap. The picks remains in the holes firmly.

Padding/rear side: Latex filling + microfiber
Adjustment system: RAS
Pickholder: Yes
Width: 6 cm
Product choice: Strap Guitar + Bass
Upper: Leather
Strap ends: Leather
Minimum length: 95 cm
Maximum length: ca. 150 cm