L.R.BAGGS Pickup, Anthem SL, für Westerngitarre

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Loud - Analogue - Real  After 30 years of development, L.R. Baggs has done exactly what... more

Loud - Analogue - Real 

After 30 years of development, L.R. Baggs has done exactly what every guitarist dreams of and has done exactly what no other pickup manufacturer has been able to do so far: Utilise the full potential of a microphone to capture the essential sound of a guitar - with a high feedback resistance for use on large stages. Not obvious but nevertheless extremely important is the fact that the naturalness and dynamics of the Anthem Tru-Mic technology allow the guitarist to play completely free without having to compensate for the sound of the pickup. From now on you can play completely free, whether plugged in or unplugged! With the Anthem there is no modelling, no illusion, it is not "like" a microphone, it is not "like" your guitar. It IS a microphone and what you will hear and experience is YOUR guitar, loud and with the fidelity and dynamics of a real microphone. 

Tru-Mic technology 

t the heart of the patent-pending Anthem is a revolutionary new type of microphone. Using a proprietary, low-noise microphone, the Anthem Tru-Mic eliminates all of the distracting "honk" and "high-pitched, muffled" sound previously associated with internal microphone pickups, while retaining the natural tone of your guitar that only a real microphone can transmit. Because the microphone is positioned just a few millimetres from the guitar top, it has a very high output level before feedback occurs. The microphone housing is very easy to mount under the bridge and the microphone capsule floats just 3mm below the surface to utilise the PZM "boundary" effect. The Tru-Mic technology picks up the sound of the vibration of the complete guitar top and thus delivers a perfect sound, regardless of the usually necessary exact placement of the microphone.

Microphone and pickup - a fundamentally new technology

The sound quality and feedback resistance of the Anthem Tru-Mic now makes it possible for the first time for a microphone to be the primary sound source in a microphone/pickup system. This distinguishes the Anthem system from all previous systems, where only a small part of the microphone sound was used to make the sound a little "airier" and to freshen up the very concise pickup sound. So it's a completely new relationship between microphone and pickup, because now all the details, the warmth and the character of the guitar are captured by the Tru-Mic. The Element pickup only supports the microphone at the lowest frequencies.

Anthem SL

For players who prefer a more minimalist control option, there is the Anthem SL. The mixing ratio between Tru-Mic and Element is already set here as a preset for optimum performance, so that you get the same sound fidelity in endpin preamp format. The preamp, of course also in the usual discrete studio quality, includes a volume control placed in the sound hole.